Sometimes, It Seems as if I’m Always Traveling Somewhere

Sometimes, it seems as if I’m always traveling somewhere. Most of it involves some sort of ozone education. Alas, nowhere exotic last year! 

I attend many conferences during the year to gain knowledge to help treat our patients better. Last year, I attended three ozone conferences, one orthodontic conference, one alternative modality conference, two business development conferences, a frenum symposium, a biological dental convention and a 3 day conference on airway health. I also did two day ozone trainings for seven offices around the country, where I went to their office and help set up their ozone equipment and taught them all how to use it on their own patients.

Ozone therapy kills bacteria, fights caries, helps healing!

Ozone therapy is a veritable Swiss army knife for dentistry, according to general practitioner Eric Zaremski, DDS. It kills bacteria, controls caries and periodontal disease, helps remineralize teeth, and heals tissue after oral surgery.

Dr. Zaremski and his staff have incorporated ozone into just about every procedure — from prophies to root canals — for the last decade in his practice in Greenbrae, CA.

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